What value does The Body Corporate achieve for clients?

Telecom NZ Ltd Ron Beswick
Telecom NZ Ltd Cushla Wallace
Vodafone Lisa Rabbidge
Bayleys Real Estate Sue Stanaway
ASB Bank Kelly Dickson
Bell Gully Vanessa Cathie-Pongia
J&H Marsh & McClennan Roger O J Wilkinson
Inland Revenue Janine Stewart
Serious Fraud Office Judge V R Jamieson

Telecom NZ Ltd
Ron Beswick, Senior Consultant.

`Your Call Centre 2001 Toolkit`
"Karen's presentations to our 200 Call Centre managers and team leaders introduced fresh, thought provoking ideas and concepts on how to address some of the most significant issues facing Call Centres today. The sessions really "came alive" with Karen's innovative approach to creating an interactive environment, which encouraged the contribution of many useful ideas and tips by the attendees"

Telecom NZ LTD
Cushla Wallace, Site Manager Christchurch Customer Care Centre

"Just a quick note to say thank you for the presentations you delivered on Wellness. I've had great feedback from the team and people are really enthusiastic about taking on board some of the ideas and changes you talked about. People really appreciated us spending some time and effort on something for them and the benefits to our business of having "well" staff are obvious."

Lisa Rabbidge, Credit & Collections Coordinator

"Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop you put together for our staff in Credit & Collections. Your enthusiasm and positive approach was greatly appreciated by and our staff really enjoyed the course. I would like to share these comments pass to me by the Team Managers":

Sangeeta Vallabh, Business Team Manager
"Feedback from my staff was very positive. They appreciated Karen's knowledge and experience and now have a better understanding of keeping a balance. My staff now leaves the workplace at lunchtime and take walks, which is a wonderful release."

Peter McNair, Collections Manager
"The Consumer Team has gained a lot from Karen's input. She is an excellent communicator, using humour and interesting stories to highlight her point. The Course provided everyone with key areas to work on, no matter how long they had been in business."

Angela Shutkowski, Recoveries Manager
"My team and I enjoyed the training. The content of the course was effective and my staff have come away with a better understanding of keeping a balance."

Beverly Faurie, Credit Manager
"Karen's presentation was excellent and the staff really appreciated the interaction between themselves and Karen. I would recommend Karen's training to anyone in the business as I feel this was a small investment for a huge return."

Bayleys Real Estate
Sue Stanaway, Manager - Residential

"I want to thank you for making such an impact with the session you did on Friday 3rd August 2001 at our Bayleys National Residential Conference. Your delivery and the content of your session was excellent and I have had very positive feedback from all around the country on the difference you have made to our delegates in prompting them to review the balance (or lack of) in their business and personal lives, their health and well-being and what they intend to do to make things better for themselves. Our industry entails long irregular hours, often 7 days and a schedule that is conducive to allowing people to slip into bad habits for eating, drinking and lack of relaxation. Your session was extremely pertinent and I believe it added real value to our 2-day event. I have even made some changes myself."

ASB Bank
Kelly Dickson, Training Manager

"A big Thank You from myself and all the team. Your presentation was not only professional, but well researched. It was obvious to all that your knowledge was thorough and that your positive nature shone through. You were absolutely fantastic Karen, a presentation which we will never forget.

Bell Gully
Vanessa Cathie-Pongia, Senior Associate

"I just wanted to congratulate you on a wonderful seminar. It all makes perfect sense, doesn't it, but it is amazing how often we need reminding of the fundamentals."

J&H Marsh & McClennan
Roger O J Wilkinson, Deputy CEO

"Thank you again for providing a very valuable and enjoyable session during the HIPOT conference which we held at Gulf Harbour for younger members of our company. The feedback which I received from them was not they all not only thoroughly enjoyed your session but also found it very informative and it certainly gave them a new perspective on health, nutrition and general well being. So much so, that they all had great plans to start practicing what you had covered."

Inland Revenue Department
Janine Stewart, Call Centre Manager

"Well Karen you continue to keep us inspired! Many thanks for the great service you have given to IRD over the past 2 years. Karen Moffatt has been well received also, with excellent feedback on her seminars. I look forward to working with you again soon"

Inland Revenue
Mere Kautai, Customer Services Representative

"…feedback so far from various staff members on our floor. They have taken notes and found this to be very informative and inspiring seminar. They know the most important vitamins that need to be taken. They have really enjoyed your seminar."

William M Mercer
Louis Boulanger, CEO

"Your presentation was comprehensive and very well delivered. Our team members learned a great deal from your talk and the excellent handout enabled us to identify areas for improvement. I am sure the team will receive benefit from your presentation for years to come."

Serious Fraud Office
Judge V R Jamieson, Acting Director

"Thank you for the excellent talk you gave at our recent seminar. The content and style of delivery of the talk met the requirements of the programme most effectively. The office is most grateful to you for drawing our attention to the personal aspects of our lives which are so important."

Ross Melville PKF
Russell Toplis, Partner.

"Thank you for your most positive contribution to our recent "Big Day Out" Corporate training day. We all found your manner of presentation to be most professional and engaging. We are already seeing changes and results arising from your presentation. Our overall awareness for our welding has been greatly heightened. The individual assessments have been very well received. I know many of our teams are already changing their habits in pursuit of their personal better health."

The NZ Direct Marketing Association
Chris Johnson, National Event Manager

"I would like to sincerely thank you for your presentations throughout 2000.
It is always a challenge for us to ensure that everyone benefits from these seminars and most importantly takes something of value away with them. From the feedback we received from attendees it is obvious this was indeed achieved. Without your enthusiastic participation, I am sure these events would not have been as successful as they were!

World Presidents' Organisation
Carol Coutts, Auckland Chapter

"Thank you for speaking a the WPO function last Wednesday evening. All enjoyed a pleasant evening and the evaluations were terrific. We really did appreciate you giving up your time to be our guest."

Turners Auctions
Tony Coombe, Finance Manager

"Thank you for talking to our office managers on Corporate Wellness at our Conference in February 2001 at the Waitomo Caves Hotel. Your presentation was effective in helping us through providing a focus on the importance of the need for balance in our lives. Personally, I am still endeavouring to get the right balance in self, family and work matters. I know the whole team found your talk very beneficial. Thank you for your assistance."

NZIM Canterbury
Valerie Taylor, Conference Coordinator

"Chance, Challenge, Change Conference. The topics Karen presented were 'Achieving Your Balance in Challenging and Changing Times' and 'Life By Design and not By Accident'. Both workshops were extremely well attended by women from many varied organisations from all over New Zealand. The feedback was excellent and NZIM Canterbury would have no hesitation in using Karen again or recommending her as a presenter to any other organisation."

The 4th New Zealand Secretaries Conference
Paulette Meldrum, Conference Convener, Past President

"It was a pleasure to meet you and hear your breakfast address. The ratings on your appraisal form both for content and presentation were all at the top end with almost everyone rating as "excellent value". The message that came through from most appraisals was the importance of creating balance in our lives."

Motorola NZ LTD
Dianne Sussex, General Manager

Motorola NZ LTD worked with The Body Corporate throughout 1996 as part of our in-house Wellness Programme. The participants of the programme have benefited in their association with The Body Corporate through focusing on the realization that a balance in life is important and they have been assisted with identifying those elements requiring change. In turn the business has benefited in the form of increased productivity and reduced sick leave.
I would strongly recommend Karen Beard & The Body Corporate to any business or individual.

Life Financial Services
Roger Peddle, Principal

"I was impressed with your well researched presentation which was delivered with authority and flare. You put forward ideas that make all of us sit up, take notice and hopefully act on."

The Extra Mile Company
Anna Stankovich, Account Executive

On behalf of the Extra Mile Company, I would like to thank you for your time and assistance in making Saturdays Wang Conference a huge success. It was a pleasure working with you and we look forward to a continued relationship."

Young Women in Business
Mary Logue, President

"Feedback we have received indicates that the material you delivered was very valuable to the young professional and self-employed women that attended. You delivered your message in a relevant and engaging way, tailored to the audience. The practitioners from various areas of health and well-being who were at the workshop have also commented on how much they enjoyed your session."

Small Business Enterprise Centre
Irene Steiner, Franklin WISE Coordinator

"Our members thoroughly enjoyed the evening and your presentation was enthusiastically received. We are in no doubt all trying to look after ourselves a little better and to treat ourselves a little kinder."


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