KAREN BEARD - Biography

Karen Beard is the founder and a Director of "The Body Corporate", specialists in 'Corporate Wellness'.
Teaching Corporate Wellness via public speaking, seminars and personal consultation, she advocates balanced exercise, balanced eating patterns, stress management and integrated goal achievement as the essential keys to Wellness.

Karen trained in the United States with the American College of Sports Medicine and travels to the USA regularly to up-date on the latest in Wellness education.

She draws not only on her education but her extensive life experiences which in addition to being a mother and company director, includes eleven years in the corporate environment as an air traffic controller, involvement in competitive sports, and eight years in the health and fitness industry as an educator and personal trainer.

Karen is a past President of the National Speakers Association of New Zealand, a past lecturer at Auckland Institute of Technology's Department of Sport and Health Science.

She speaks at conferences internationally on Wellness, writes regularly for company newsletters, business and health fitness magazines and is interviewed regularly on Television and Radio as a qualified expert on Stress in the workplace. Karen has featured on "The Holmes Program", TV1 6 O'clock News, Good Morning TV, and "Live This" a new lifestyle program on TV3. She has been interviewed on the "Kim Hill" Radio Show and News talk 1ZB.


We are now living in a 24 hour society where boundaries are continually challenged. This highly competitive marketplace places considerable pressure on businesses and people to perform. We are often faced with long days, demanding schedules and considerable stress. Amidst these pressures, personal health and well-being often receive the lowest priority.

We must each take responsibility for our health and well-being if we want to achieve balance, happiness and fulfillment in our lives. To do this, we need to take care of ourselves first, not out of selfishness, but out of self-responsibility.

My passion is to assist individuals to realize that by making small changes over the long-term they will easily achieve sustainable balance and happiness in life.

I want people to be able to pause throughout their busy days and notice all the opportunities and little miracles that come their way, and most of all, to remind themselves that their journey is meant to be fun.



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