The Body Corporate assists business both nationally and internationally to improve performance by reducing stress, sickness and staff turnover using practical, effective and professional Wellness Programmes.

How can we help your company

• reduce stress and sickness?
• reduce staff turnover?
• increase productivity and effectiveness?

We coach individuals to integrate their "working style" with their "lifestyle" improving personal performance and enjoyment.

• Stress relief
• Reduced sickness
• Increased productivity
• Reduction staff turnover
• More effective time management
• Increased energy and vitality
• Improved morale
• Increased creativity
• Increased motivation
• Enhanced well-being
• Improved customer care
• Positive increase in the bottom line

Eat More and Lose Weight - no more gimmicks!
Losing weight may be as simple as eating more - eating more fruit and vegetables and less food that is "calorie-dense" such as cheese, researchers said this week.
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The cost of losing staff members

2-3 times the salary for $30,000 salary pa.

4-5 times the salary for $50,000 salary pa.

8-9 times the salary for $150,000 plus salary pa.

in tangible and intangible costs