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December 2002

How are you coping with the Christmas rush…? I'm sure you have had more than one reminder this week of how few shopping days there are left until Santa slides down the chimney! At least with the advent of the world-wide-web, the shopping experience has become a much more accessible experience, offering us a 24/7 opportunity to fill our Christmas stockings!

This will be our final newsletter this year, and may prove to be one of our most helpful - we've included a few tips designed to help you survive the Silly Season.

Christmas is notoriously known as a major contributor to stress, so when it all gets too much and you feel the Christmas tree's about to topple down (on top of you!), remember the basics…

  • Try to eat well - it's okay to eat the pav, but have some salad first!

  • Drink plenty of water - You will think more clearly (and recover more quickly!) if your brain and body is well hydrated.

  • Try to relax - When you feel stressed, close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Concentrate on slowing your breathing until you feel calm again.

  • And above all else - remember the old saying… "this too shall pass"!

If you need some nutritional assistance to help survive the Christmas/New Year period, our Wellness Shop on The Body Corporate website can provide you with all the necessary supplements to fortify your mind and body and help reduce the stress load on your body.

And, if you are inclined to leave your Christmas shopping until the 11th hour, don't forget to check out our range of Gift Vouchers at our on-line Wellness Shop. They make perfect stocking fillers for those "hard to purchase for" persons, with a wide range of choices available, including our Wellness Products & Services Voucher, which can be made out to any value from $20 upward.

Christmas/New Year Hours
We will be closing on Friday 20 December and re-opening on Monday 13th January. If there is anything super urgent during this time, you can contact Karen Moffatt on 021-843 860 or Karen Beard on 021-471 386.

How to cope with the Silly Season - some preparatory tips

Getting ready for a "heavy night"

1. Before going out, have a Vitamin B complex and Vitamin C. These are the vitamins most depleted by alcohol.

2. Never drink alcohol on an empty stomach: buffer with water, juice, snacks. Make the first drink fruit juice.

3. Always compensate water and mineral losses with fresh water and fresh fruit. Hydrate well before cocktail parties.

4. Make every other drink either water or fruit juice as a standard practice.

5. Watch the old "1-2-3 punch" - chips, fatty snacks and alcohol. Together, these put even more load on the liver.

6. Pay your "fluid debt" before retiring two-three glasses of water.

7. Some liver herbs can assist your liver in metabolising alcohol more efficiently. Visit the Wellness Shop on our website for details on the Liver Cleanse formula.

Preventing a hangover

A "hangover" is a euphemism for a severely dehydrated (low blood volume), hypoglycaemic (low sugar), hypokalemic (low potassium) state wherein you have irritated the covering of the brain (the meninges).

So all right, you've had a big night, you feel tipsy, you are a little slow and muddled and you've forgotten the aforementioned tips. Anyway, you've found your way home. Prior to crashing, note these tips on how not to pay too dearly the next morning for the indulgences of the evening:

1. A glass of water for every drink you had, for the dehydrative effects of alcohol. Don't worry, your body will keep every drop as it's parched.

2. A banana or two, for the nice potassium and fruit sugar.

3. A vitamin B complex and a multi-mineral supplement.

Then go to sleep smiling on your right side. This is the side on which your stomach empties itself so that the above can get downstream to be absorbed. Bon Nuit!





















Well that's it from us for the year. Enjoy your Christmas and New Year. Wishing you a healthy and happy 2003 from all of us in The Body Corporate team.

Karen Beard, Karen Moffatt, Karin Hoffman

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