The Body Corporate Wellness News October 2003
Do You Want to Feel 10 Years Younger?
how are your energy levels and are you in the best of health to enjoy your summer?

With the interest in health and wellness we are seeing many new studies on how we as New Zealanders are faring in terms of our general health and risk for lifestyle illnesses/diseases. Here is some information that you need to be aware of . . .

In New Zealand in 1980, 26% of us were suffering from Obesity, now in 2003 50% of us are suffering from some form of obesity. In the USA the latest report sites that 50% of the population are now morbidly obese, and New Zealand and Australia are heading this way.

A recent New Zealand study has found that 40% of all deaths are premature and linked directly with poor nutrition and lack of exercise. The study also found that nutritional related risks account for more than 80% of all heart disease and 70% of all strokes.

New Zealand has the highest rate of Type 2 diabetes in the world! Studies show that being overweight is directly responsible for 80% of all Type 2 diabetes cases.

Australia has twice the number of overweight kids as America, New Zealand is next!

"Long term stress can kill you or greatly decrease your quality of life. Stress can lead to hormonal imbalance, lack of energy, weight gain, depressed immune function, professional burnout, lower productivity and lower creativity.

In the developed western world 25% of the adult male population suffer from some form of sleep apnoea. This can be associated with the increase of fatty tissue around the neck area (in other words - being overweight).

Nearly one in ten people in the developed world suffer from severe fatigue that is not attributable to physical causes. This means that their exhaustion stems from physiological and psychological causes that are usually avoidable." - Dr John Tickell.

Have we got your attention?

When you read this information you may think, "that's crazy, we live in a clean green society". It's not crazy, and it is scientifically proven information.

Did you know that obesity is classified as any body that is 10% over their ideal fat weight for good health? For instance the ideal body fat range for females is 20-27% and for males 12 - 17%, this means for a female if your body fat reading is 34% or for a male if your bodyfat reading is 28% your are classified as obese - which means you are Endangering your health and predisposing yourself to many chronic diseases. Many of us are unaware just how many chronic diseases are caused by obesity, many of us also do not understand that obesity is not just about exercising and controlling what you eat. It goes far beyond that.

Obesity causes many chronic diseases

  • Elevated Cholesterol
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Stroke
  • Thrombosis
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Menstrual disturbances and infertility
  • Accelerated Aging
  • Syndrome X

What are the solutions?

Without a doubt, the greatest results come from the individual concerned accepting that they need to make some significant lifestyle changes and then making the decision to embark on those changes. To do this they need someone to be accountable to and to go to for specialist advise, backup and support.

As you know, this is our specialist area at The Body Corporate. It is not often that we see complete programmes that really work with individuals at all levels, yet enable them to be responsible and self manage the lifestyle changes they embark on.

We are VERY excited to be able to offer you a programme that we rate as excellent, and it is getting outstanding results due to its simplicity and common sense
approach. The programme covers all the areas that we work on with our clients, but it offers very concise, reputable and well researched information in a format that you can work on from home or at work. We would like to take you one step further and include in the programme, our specialist Wellness Coaching for added accountability, backup and support and offer to you our Body Composition Analysis and Cholesterol testing services, as these are required for reporting purposes throughout the programme. We are also able to offer very detailed constitutional information that the programme is unable to offer, and more detailed supplementation information specifically tailored to your constitution.



Live Younger - Liver Better - Live Longer!

Designed by Dr John Tickell this programme comes as a self managed pack and incorporates exercise, nutrition and personal development programmes.

In the pack…

  • Dr John Tickells book "How to be 10 years younger"
  • Instructional DVD (video is an option)
  • Instructional Audio cassettes
  • Energy for Life workbook - packed full of exercises and programmes, weekly logs with energy meter
  • Daily record pad
  • Dr John Tickell's "Living Life" newsletter, sent quarterly.
  • Access to the website for lots of great information and assistance.
  • You are advised which supplements to take to assist you with your goals
  • Throughout the programme you are required to do regular fitness tests, which are self-managed, and cholesterol checks, which we can do for you at The Body Corporate

The Energy 4 Life programme is $195.00 GST inclusive.
Please talk to us if you are wanting to purchase large volumes.

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PLEASE NOTE - This price does not include the supplements you order through the programme, or the cost of cholesterol or Body composition testing.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss any of the programmes in more detail, or for any concerns or questions you have in general.

Yours in Health and Wellness

Karen, Karen, Karin, Rebecca and Jill

The Body Corporate Team

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