The Body Corporate Wellness News
September/October 2003

Since our last Newsletter, we have been busy conducting Seminars and Health Checks through out the country and have noticed a few key issue's that are of concern to many. As a result this newsletter and the following one in November will focus on some of these subjects.
This month's newsletter will focus on 3 key areas:

1. Smart Foods? Think again
2. Boost your energy. Look and feel great for summer
3. Hot Tips

Smart foods? Think again

By Maria Deveson Crabbe, Author Your Body Your Life

From sandwich bread with omega 3s to lemon squash with ginseng, it seems more and more products are undergoing a bit of a "health" makeover. But do they really deliver the health benefits they claim?

As good as it feels to be opting for the healthy alternative at the supermarket, we need to be cautious when purchasing these nutrient-boosted products.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand is the Government regulator responsible for ensuring our food is safe. While current food laws prohibit manufacturers claiming any food has a medicinal effect, clever companies know how to push the envelope. "Functional foods", products tweaked to deliver a health benefit, are increasingly appearing on our shelves.

My concern with the functional food trend is twofold. When it comes to good health, a balanced diet is paramount. Rather than look for a silver bullet solution, look for the PCF (protein, carbohydrates and fat) balance of the product. This is a truer indicator of how healthy a product really is.

Of more concern is that many functional foods simply do not deliver. Here are some facts about five foods worth keeping in mind when making your purchasing decision.

1. White bread with Omega 3s. Normally found in fatty fish, omega-3 essential fatty acids are very susceptible to damage from heat. Popping these in your toaster can increase the likelihood of dangerous 'trans-fatty acids' being formed. Additionally, a diet high in white bread can elevate blood sugar and endanger heart health, negating the heart health benefits of omega 3.

2. Fruit juice with Calcium. The high acid environment in some fruit juices inhibits the absorption of Calcium. Furthermore, Vitamin C and some forms of Calcium when taken together can lead to reduced absorption of both.

3. Chocolate bars with Guarana. Guarana may be all the rage and certainly does provide energy burst in most people, however, make no mistake; it is the caffeine that is providing the "kick". All caffeine, whether from a coffee bean or guarana can be both addictive and overstimulating of the adrenal glands (which can lead to long term adrenal exhaustion).

4. Soft drinks with Ginseng. There are many wonderful health promoting herbs from various medical traditions, however as powerful therapeutic agents, care needs to be taken to ensure that there are no adverse reactions and only qualified practitioners can provide the necessary advice. Some common medications have been found to react badly with various herbs.

5. Margarines with Omega 3s. Margarines contain what are known as photosterolesters, substances found naturally in plants. These have been found to reduce the uptake of vitamin
A. In addition, to develop the smooth spreadable texture, most margarines contain processed fats including trans-fatty acids. These fats are not easily digested and have been linked to arterial plaque formations and other heart disease, working counter to the Omega 3s.

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Hot tips and research…

Here are some interesting tips and bits of research on a wide variety of health issues…

  • Have a cup of chamomile tea for nervous upsets and any digestive disturbance.
  • Sip fennel or peppermint tea for indigestion - great for baby's colic.
  • Gargle with an infusion of thyme for colds and sore throats.
  • Soak some cotton wool in an infusion of lavender flowers, and place over the eyes to relieve headaches. Also good for dark circles under the eyes.
  • Garlic cloves are highly antiseptic and may be rubbed directly onto infected spots.
  • Crushed garlic is efficient at drawing out corns.
  • A slice of fresh ginger infused in hot water will ease nausea or prevent travel sickness.
  • For stings and insect bites place fresh slices of onion on the sting for rapid relief.
  • Rosemary oil is great for relieving headaches and soothing tired sore muscles.
  • Manuka oil can be used to treat any fungal skin infections. A few drops in warm water may be used to soak the affected area.
  • Wintergreen oil is the smell found in many commercial rubs and is the essential ingredient that gives them the ability to relieve pain. Apply the oil to aching joints and muscles, overstrained elbows shoulders and backs.
  • Cloves are excellent for relieving toothache; apply directly to the affected area.
  • Eucalyptus oil is excellent for penetrating colds and sinus problems. Place a few drops on a tissue or add to boiling water or an oil burner.
  • Research has shown that eating about 47g of soy protein a day can reduce "bad" LDL cholesterol levels by 13% and triglycerides by 10%. Other studies suggest it can inhibit the growth of prostate-cancer cells.

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