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Karen, welcome back to The Body Corporate newsletter. May is with us already and after speaking with many of you, it appears the pace for the year is mounting! This is where we can assist. With our many new products and services coming up this year, read on and see how we can provide tools to help you with achieving a sustainable balance.
Now is a great time of year to be booking our informative wellness seminars to educate your staff. With the introduction of the latest ACC legislation, it makes economic sense to increase personal awareness and responsibility, as well as demonstrating your commitment to being an "employer of choice". The Body Corporate has a choice of 25 extremely popular mini seminars, covering a wide range of health related topics, some of which we have listed below. These mini seminars can be held monthly or bi-monthly during the lunch break and staff are invited to attend with their lunch. Alternatively, we can run the seminars at a time to suit your company. The seminars run for 45 minutes and are presented by one of the professional associates of The Body Corporate Ltd that specialise in the topic area.
  • Understanding stress and making it work for you - a 3 part series
  • Men's Health
  • Women's Health
  • How to avoid colds and flu's this winter
  • How to prevent OOS, great ways to realign your body
  • Understanding Iridology
  • For your Heart's sake (understanding a healthy heart, heart disease and blood pressure)
  • Making Shift work, work for your health
  • Making the decision to Stop Smoking
  • What dietary plan is best for me? (Nutrition)
Two areas of particular relevance at this time of year (and our most popular topics) are detailed below. Please click here to book your sessions and request a full list of seminar topics.
How to avoid colds and flu this winter
Do you ever wonder why you can't shake that cold? Would you like to avoid catching colds or the flu off workmates? How about avoiding it altogether this winter? It is possible!
  • Learn how the body's immune system works
  • The pro's and cons of "Flu injections"
  • What we can do to help support our immune system
  • The things we need to avoid
  • Treatments for acute infections to assist rapid recovery and reduce reoccurrence
  • Herbal Immune Tonic's available for purchase on the day
Understanding stress and making it work for you - a 3 part series
Part 1
  • Demystifying stress
  • How does your body react to stress - What is GAS?
  • Fight or Flight - the Nervous System under stress
  • Stressors - what you need to look out for
  • How to reduce your stress and learning to cope better
  • How balanced eating reduces negative effects

Part 2

  • Long-term stress - what happens to your body when you ignore the warning bells
  • How to eat from the food groups to increase your energy and decrease your stress
  • Helpful herbs and nutrients
  • Relaxation techniques - how body therapies can work for you
Part 3
  • The negative impact of chronic stress on you
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Stress-related disorders
  • How your attitude and approach to life affects your levels of stress
  • Who can you go to when you need help

Introducing Karen L Moffatt, N.D., Dip.Med.Herb., Iridologist

Karen Moffatt is our new business partner at Body Corporate. Having worked in the Health Industry for the past 15 years, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. Karen operated her clinic, Aroha Natural Health since 1994, as well as working along side The Body Corporate Ltd with our Corporate Wellness Programs. Since 1996 Karen has also been involved in both the Sports Nutrition and Dietary Supplements industries, presenting seminars throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific to the public, the industry, Pharmacists and Doctors. In 1998 Karen was invited to teach at Wellpark College in Auckland, specializing in Herbal Medicine, Iridology and Clinical Practice.

Karen's main focus is on education. Helping people understand their bodies and how to get the best from them. As well as the Seminars, Karen will be available for Iris Analysis Reports and consultations. These personalised sessions will assist in putting in place wellness guidelines that include nutrition, supplementation, herbal medicines, and suggestions for other forms of treatment.

Time for some real R&R

For many of you, your first point of contact with The Body Corporate has been with our wellness associate, Jenni Simester. Jenni's marriage last December signalled the start of many new changes in her life, the latest of which is her decision to change direction and invest more time in her relationship with husband, Richard. Jenni is looking forward to exciting times ahead with Richard and their friends, and more time to travel. We have been very fortunate to have Jenni with us for the past 12 months, and although we are envious of her new found freedom, we wish her all the best, and thank her for her superb contribution to our team at The Body Corporate.
The three K's… Karen, Karen and Karin!

Confused… we are! You all know Karen Beard, and we have now introduced you to Karen Moffatt. We have one other new addition to our team - Karin Hoffman. Karin will be working at The Body Corporate on Mondays, and will be the first point of contact for many of you. Karin is in her 2nd year of a 3 year degree, studying Natural Therapies at South Pacific College of Natural Therapeutics in Ellerslie. Previously Karin spent 15 years in the corporate sector in senior administrative and PA roles, so is very capable of helping you with any of your queries.
Kind Regards
Karen Beard
How to contact us
Telephone: 09-361 3964
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Karen Moffatt 021-843 860
Facsimile: 09-361 3965
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Address: PO Box 8225, Symonds Street, Auckland
12-14 Fitzroy Street, Ponsonby (Cnr. Fitzroy & Douglas)
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