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March/April 2003

Daylight Saving has ended - which is a timely reminder for us all to ensure we are being pro-active with our health now, to prevent the common illnesses of winter from taking a hold. This has never been so important, in light of the World Health Organisation and Ministry of Health warnings for New Zealanders, relating to symptoms of the pneumonia like virus SARS
(Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome).

This month's newsletter will focus on 3 key areas:

1. Winter Wellbeing …how to prevent colds and flu this winter

2. Childhood illnesses …some practical advice on how to protect your family

3. Health & Safety in Employment Act update …employers will have increased responsibility for managing "mental harm" from May 5 this year… are you prepared?

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Winter Wellness - How to preventing colds and flu this winter

Now that daylight saving has ended and Autumn is upon us, it is a reminder that winter is just around the corner. Rather than waiting until we get sick - and lets face it, who of us can afford to be these days - start planning now to give your body the best chance at preventing colds and flu's. If you are serious about preventing these winter ailments (or at least reducing the severity and duration of their symptoms), then it's vital that you provide your body with optimal nutritional support available.

By using herbs such as Echinacea and Garlic, in combination with nutrients like Vitamin C, Zinc, and other Antioxidants daily, you can build-up resistance and assist your body's own natural defences to fight off invading organisms. It's also important to have a diet high in fresh fruit and vegetables, which are a great natural source of beneficial vitamins and minerals. A good positive outlook, avoiding a high stress lifestyle and learning to relax will also help in preventing illnesses and reducing their recurrence.

How can you get further information on immunity?

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  • Book for a one on one consultation with a Registered Naturopath & Medical Herbalist at

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If you do get a cold or cough - here are some quick tips that may help

  1. The body should be kept warm - especially the feet, chest, throat and head. Sweating is very helpful. The simplest way to do this is to drink hot spice tea and lie down on a bed, covered with a warm blanket.

  2. Take half a teaspoon of ginger juice with half a teaspoon of honey, 3 times a day (morning, noon and night).

  3. Half a cup of warm water mixed with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of honey can be taken several times a day.

  4. In cases of a sore throat, gargling with warm salty water is also beneficial. This can be done 2 or 3 times a day.

Cold foods and drinks, ice cream, sweets, fried foods, milk products (cheese, creams, yoghurt) should not be consumed. Sweet fruit juices, breads, meats, nuts and pastries should also be avoided. Water is best - but make sure it is not too chilled. It is good to take light and warm diet like boiled or steamed vegetables, vegetable soup, spice teas and herbal teas. Avoid taking a cold shower, exposure to cold wind or drafts, fans and air conditioners.

Childhood illnesses - Metagenics launch a new therapeutic range developed for the specific needs of children

Research into the important role the gastro-intestinal tract (GIT) plays in the development and maturation of the immune system, has proven invaluable in the development of Metagenic's new range of treatments for immune dysfunction in children. It is now known that good GIT integrity in children is absolutely imperative to build and maintain a strong, healthy immune system, and therefore avoid the development of allergies and infections in children. And it not only impacts on immune system function, but can also contribute to the development of behavioural disorders and obesity.

It is a recognised fact that children have specific needs in regards to the development of their GIT. 70% of our immune system is concentrated in the GIT where Th1, Th2, and Th3 type immunity are active. Children are born with Th2 dominant immunity, leaving the less developed Th1 and Th3 components vulnerable to attack by virus and bacteria, which then upsets the body's balance and triggers allergies and infections.

The beneficial micro-flora found in Metagenics Flora Care for kids, can stimulate the weaker Th1 and Th3 immune components, to correct the imbalance and strengthen the immune system, thereby preventing gut dysfunction and reducing the risk of infections, allergies and inflammatory disorders. It is interesting to note too, that if not corrected in childhood, the deteriorating effects of gut dysfunction can result in hormone imbalances and endocrine disorders later on in adult life.

Another Metagencis product designed specifically to improve childhood immune function is Metagenics Immune Care for kids. This powdered blend of herbs, vitamins and minerals can be mixed with water or juice to make a great tasting immune enhancing drink.

Metagenics have a full range of supplements carefully formulated to meet the unique requirements of growing children. Other products in their range that you may like to have ready with winter approaching are the Tummy Care for kids, Cough Care for kids and Mult-Care for kids.

Visit our Wellness Shop to order these and other products from the Metagenics Children's Range.


















Health & Safety in Employment Act - New legislation

On 5 May 2003, The Health & Safety in Employment Act will be updated to incorporate legislation to protect employees from "stress and fatigue" as potential work hazards and sources of harm in the workplace.

If you are an employer, you will be expected to identify potential areas of risk and concern in the workplace and act to protect employees from undue physical, mental & emotional stress and fatigue.

The Body Corporate Limited and their Associates have proven experience in assisting corporate clients to identify and manage stress and fatigue in the workplace through their individually tailored Wellness Programmes.

If you are an employer The Body Corporate Ltd can help you by providing:

  • programs to identify existing and potential hazards to your workforce;
  • stress management education & counselling services;
  • nutritional education programmes to maximise energy levels in your workforce;
  • workstyle-lifestyle balance education and counselling services;
  • advice on managing shiftwork safely and effectively;
  • on-site health screening and assessments to identify potential health risks
    and assist staff to achieve optimum levels of wellness
  • advice on minimising potential health risks and managing existing medical concerns

The Body Corporate Ltd tailor wellness solutions to businesses of any size across any industry, based on their specific needs and objectives. Education and counselling services can be provided on a group level, on a one-to-one coaching basis, or as a combination of both according to the individual needs of your staff.

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That's all for this time. From all of us in The Body Corporate team.

Karen Beard, Karen Moffatt, Karin Hoffman

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