The Body Corporate Wellness News February 2004
Monkey Business

Hi. Here we are in 2004 - this year it has a good ring to it don't you think? Maybe it's because the numbers are even (call us superstitious) and it's the year of the Monkey. But peoples' spirits are high so we want to include some hot tips for keeping up your energy and vitality throughout the year and seeing your resolutions through to fruition.

Sensible Summer Nutrition

With the weather being so hot and humid in many parts of the country, it is vital to remember to keep your fluids up, and in particular, water. If you get dehydrated, you may feel tired and irritable, experience headaches, lack of concentration, cramps and even dizziness. Remember for every cup of tea, coffee, glass of alcohol or fizzy drink you have, you need to replace it with a glass of water - and this is on top of the 6-8 glasses you should be drinking each day.

Try to keep your food lighter during the summer months, especially with your evening meal so you are not overheating or getting too restless during the night. Heavy meals will leave you feeling tired the next day, so try to keep the size of the meal smaller as well as eating lighter food. This also means you need to eat regularly throughout the day as well, so you are not ravenous at night.

Plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit - make sure there is lots of colour on your plate, and maybe increase the fresh fish too. We really should be eating fresh fish 2-4 times a week to get some great health benefits. Add some acidophilus yoghurt to your diet, maybe as a snack or with your breakfast. This helps keep the digestive system balanced and healthy.

Do something nice for your body this year and cut down on processed foods, take away or fast foods, and your body will give you more energy in return.

Moving More

We know that you know that you should move more everyday - so what have you got planned?
Our suggestion is that if you are finding it hard to get started - don't make it so difficult.

There is a lot of information available that talks about how much exercise is enough, the best heart rate to achieve for good results and how to get into the fat burning zone etc. Yet despite the huge number of research studies that have been done to suggest if we want to burn fat we should choose exercise of a lower intensity, this information has been incorrectly interpreted for a long time.

Although your body does prefer to use fat as its energy source when working at a lesser intensity, if you work at a higher intensity you are still burning fat but not at the same rate - so if you work out for slightly longer than you normally would, at that higher intensity you will burn just as much if not more fat for the entire workout. It is just a question of percentages. So make it easy on yourself, do the type of exercise that you really enjoy and do it often - and push yourself when you can.

Remember the aim of exercising is to kick-start your metabolism, to enable you to burn calories at a faster than normal rate for the day - some of which will be body fat. Exercise also makes you feel more energetic and vital and makes you a much better decision maker, more productive and much nicer to be around, whilst reducing your risk of a multitude of lifestyle diseases.

Our suggestions . . .
  • Get outdoors and enjoy moving with your friends and families while summer is still with us.
  • Go for a swim at the beach and enjoy the feeling of fresh air and sand.
  • Put your walking shoes on and discover some of NZ's great walking tracks.
  • Try a Pilates or Yoga class
  • Just do a little something everyday that gets you on your feet and moving.

Remember to avoid the hottest parts of the day if you can.

Work/Life Balance
A New Government Study

"New Zealanders are being asked to tell the government what they think about the way they juggle paid work with the rest of their lives" reports Rob Stock in Sunday News on Jan 25th. Work-life balance is about combining healthy, productive work with other aspects of life. You can help the Work-Life Balance Project to shape practical solutions so that individuals, businesses, organisations and communities can succeed and thrive. Just go to the website and fill in the response form.

Find out more online by visiting

International Womens' Symposium - February 14th

On 14 February 2004, Auckland will be host to the first International Womin's Symposium.

This will be an event that is dedicated to inspiring, enriching and empowering women and will be convened at the Auckland Town Hall. The Symposium has a number of purposes:

One is to transform and encourage women to be inspirational role models and leaders of success.
The second is to assist women in fulfilling their highest potential and to be the person they have dreamed of being. The third intention behind the event is to increase personal power, self-esteem and self-love, to create an extraordinary life.

It is the first of its kind in New Zealand, with dynamic, world-renowned speakers from Australia, the United States and New Zealand and we at The Body Corporate are supporting this event and will be there on the day.

Click here to read more and/or register…..

TECHNOLOGY & The Body Corporate Limited

From February, The Body Corporate Limited have added a new service that will benefit many of you who live out of Auckland, and even those Aucklander's who just can't get in to see us in person - Online, real time appointments for:

  • Wellness Coaching with Karen Beard
  • Wellness Consultations with Karen L Moffatt (Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Clinical Nutritionist and Iridologist)

If you are interested in further information, please contact us on
or ring our office 09 361 3964

Here's to a great year. Yours in Health and Wellness,

Karen, Karen, Karin, Rebecca and Jill
The Body Corporate Team

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