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February 2003

New legislation comes into effect on 5 May 2003 to cover "stress & fatigue" in the workplace.
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On 5 May 2003, The Health & Safety in Employment Act will be updated to incorporate legislation to protect employees from "stress and fatigue" as potential work hazards and sources of harm in the workplace.

If you are an employer, you will be expected to identify potential areas of risk and concern in the workplace and act to protect employees from undue physical, mental & emotional stress and fatigue.

OSH defines fatigue as "a temporary inability or a decrease in ability, or a strong disinclination to respond to a situation, because of inadequate recuperation from previous over-activity, either mental, emotional or physical".

Some of the key factors that cause fatigue include - physical or mental exertion, sleep disruption, poor nutrition, stress or underlying medical causes.

The Body Corporate Limited and their Associates have proven experience in assisting corporate clients to identify and manage stress and fatigue in the workplace through their individually tailored Wellness Programmes.

If you are an employer The Body Corporate Ltd can help you by providing:

programs to identify existing and potential hazards to your workforce
stress management education & counselling services
nutritional education programmes to maximise energy levels in your workforce
workstyle-lifestyle balance education and counselling services
advice on managing shiftwork safely and effectively
on-site health screening and assessments to identify potential health risks and assist staff to achieve optimum levels of wellness
advice on minimising potential health risks and managing existing medical concerns

The Body Corporate Ltd tailor wellness solutions to businesses of any size across any industry, based on their specific needs and objectives. Education and counselling services can be provided on a group level, on a one-to-one coaching basis, or as a combination of both according to the individual needs of the staff.
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